181024 Chinese New Year Family T shirt
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Price for 1 kid is RM20 and 1 Adult is RM25.


Material: 90% Cotton, The material do not fade and lint


Color: Black, White, Light Blue, Light Green, Hot Pink, Army Green Stripes, Red, Blue Stripes, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Baby Blue, Tiffany


M Shoulder Width: 40cm Bust: 90cm Length: 65cm; Suggested Weight: 45-60kg

L Shoulder Width: 41cm Bust: 94cm Length: 67cm; Suggested Weight: 60-69kg

XL Shoulder Width: 43cm Bust: 98cm Length: 69cm; Suggested Weight: 70-79kg

2XL Shoulder Width: 44cm Bust: 104cm Length: 71cm; Suggested Weight: 80-87kg

3XL Shoulder Width: 45cm Bust: 108cm Length: 73cm; Suggested Weight: 87-95kg

4XL Shoulder Width: 47cm Bust: 112cm Length: 75cm; Suggested Weight: 95-110kg


S Shoulder Width: 36cm Bust: 84cm Length: 58cm; Suggested Weight: 42-50kg

M Shoulder: 37cm Bust: 88cm Length: 60cm; Suggested Weight: 50-55kg

L Shoulder Width: 38cm Bust: 92cm Length: 62cm; Suggested Weight: 55-62kg

XL Shoulder Width: 39cm Bust: 96cm Length: 64cm; Suggested Weight: 62-69kg

2XL Shoulder: 39cm Bust: 100cm Length: 66cm; Suggested Weight: 69-77kg


90 Bust: 60cm Length: 38cm; Suitable for 1-3 years old ; Recommended weight: 7-12kg

100 Bust: 62cm Length: 42cm; Suitable for 3-4 years old; Recommended weight: 12-17kg

110 Bust: 64cm Length: 44cm; Suitable for 4-5 years old; Recommended weight: 15-20kg

120 Bust: 66cm Length: 45cm; Suitable for 6-7 years old; Recommended weight: 17-22kg

130 Bust: 68cm Length: 46cm; Suitable for 7-8 years old; Recommended weight: 20-27kg

140 Bust: 70cm Length: 47cm; Suitable for 9-10 years old; Recommended weight: 27-30kg

150 Bust: 72cm Length: 48cm; Suitable for 11-12 years old; Recommended weight: 30-35kg



M肩宽:40cm 胸围:90cm 衣长:65cm 建议体重:45-60kg

L肩宽:41cm 胸围:94cm 衣长:67cm 建议体重:60-69kg

XL肩宽:43cm 胸围:98cm 衣长:69cm 建议体重:70-79kg

2XL肩宽:44cm 胸围:104cm 衣长:71cm 建议体重:80-87kg

3XL肩宽:45cm 胸围:108cm 衣长:73cm 建议体重:87-95kg

4XL肩宽:47cm 胸围:112cm 衣长:75cm 建议体重:95-110kg


S肩宽:36cm 胸围:84cm 衣长:58cm 建议体重:42-50kg

M肩宽:37cm 胸围:88cm 衣长:60cm 建议体重:50-55kg

L肩宽:38cm 胸围:92cm 衣长:62cm 建议体重:55-62kg

XL肩宽:39cm 胸围:96cm 衣长:64cm 建议体重:62-69kg

2XL 肩宽:39cm 胸围:100cm 衣长:66cm 建议体重:69-77kg


90胸围:60cm 衣长:38cm 适合1-3岁 建议体重:7-12kg

100胸围:62cm 衣长:42cm 适合3-4岁 建议体重:12-17kg

110胸围:64cm 衣长:44cm 适合4-5岁 建议体重:15-20kg

120胸围:66cm 衣长:45cm 适合6-7岁 建议体重:17-22kg

130胸围:68cm 衣长:46cm 适合7-8岁 建议体重:20-27kg

140胸围:70cm 衣长:47cm 适合9-10岁 建议体重:27-30kg

150胸围:72cm 衣长:48cm 适合11-12岁 建议体重:30-35kg

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